#34 – Engaged is NOT enough!

Engaged is not enough! You’ve got to get married! (Sorry; just couldn’t resist 😊)

While engagement is absolutely critical, engagement alone is not sufficient for an organization to thrive. The workforce also needs to be aligned and cohesive. Let’s examine those more closely.

Workers can be completely engaged in their workplace. BUT, in addition to being engaged they need to be aligned:

  • Their efforts need to be aligned with the organization’s mission,
  • They need to collaborate across work groups, and
  • They need to focus on meeting the needs of the customers.

Likewise, they need to cohere with their workgroup and the organization. Cohesion has 3 attributes:

  • Adaptability:
    • Continuously improving how they work,
    • Using mistakes as learning opportunities, and
    • Providing upward feedback to leaders.
  • Inclusion:
    • Feeling like they belong, and feeling like a valued member of their workgroup,
    • Being well informed about how the organization is doing, and
    • Being told “why” decisions have been made.
  • Teamwork:
    • Receiving support from others,
    • Trusting their people they work with, and
    • Working together.

Each of these attributes is essential for an organization to accomplish its objectives. One survey that includes these as well as engagement is Vantage Point™. If you’d like to know more, check it out at https://vantagepointsurvey.com.


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