Vantage Point®

Why assess my organization’s health?

According to research by Gallup, McKinsey and others, healthy organizations have a sustainable advantage over their competitors and produce greater levels of satisfaction for all stakeholders, including owners. A healthy organization, from a Vantage Point® perspective, is one that:

  • Adapts to change
  • Engages staff
  • Works as a single, cohesive unit
  • Operates with a clear sense of its identity and values

Few businesses exist in a static environment. Left unattended, the organizational dynamics that led to success earlier tend to become misaligned over time. Without a way to look into the organization, knowing when and where to make adjustments is problematic. Equipped with the right Vantage Point® and a knowledgeable guide, leaders can see the underlying patterns and take action to strengthen the fit between the dynamics of their organization and:

  • The best practices of healthy organization
  • Their own guiding lights (e.g. mission, vision, values).

Using the Vantage Point® Report, leaders and consultant work together to clarify and prioritize the issues that will most benefit the organization’s health, and the results that accrue from it.

What organizational dynamics does Vantage Point® bring into view?

Vantage Point® measures respondents’ strength of agreement with a series of affirmative statements. The standard set of statements enables clients to benchmark and measure their organization against three key dimensions:

  • Adaptability – The degree to which the organization continually improves, innovates, and develops in response to a changing environment
  • Engagement – The degree to which people are fully committed to, and involved in, making the organization successful
  • Cohesion – The degree to which the organization seamlessly integrates people and systems to achieve a customer centered mission. Cohesion consists of three sub-factors: inclusion, alignment and teamwork.

Importantly, clients who have defined their organization’s guiding principles and want to gauge their presence in daily practice have the option to test for “leadership” by adding up to ten custom survey statements.

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