Vantage Point®

Where should leaders focus their efforts?

How do you know where to focus your time and efforts? Want to know what your employees are REALLY thinking? Vantage Point ™ Organizational Health Assessment provides those answers by measuring alignment, cohesion, and engagement. The chart below shows the results of one client’s first survey – when Gary Langenwalter suggested that the low scores in Sales and Marketing might lead to employee turnover, the CEO replied that 2 people had left that department in the previous month.

Slice and Dice the Data

While your organization as a whole might be doing well, and your Operations department might be performing admirably, one or more demographics within Operations might be in trouble. You can investigate your organization’s results by Gender, Generation (Millennials, GenX, etc.), Department, Shift, Language, Length of Service (and you define the buckets), Location, and any other demographic you can define. And you can define multiple attributes simultaneously – e.g. Millennial females in Accounting with 2-5 years of service. You can also add up to 10 questions that you define.

In the graphs below, the numbers across the top indicate the % of positive responses for each category of questions – Alignment, Engagement, Cohesion, etc. The colors on each graph indicate the responses: “Always” is dark green, “Usually” is light green, “Sometimes” is yellow, “Rarely” is pink, and “Never” is red. The % positive responses is the total of the “Always” and “Usually” percentages, because “Sometimes” is not included as a positive response.

Vantage Point Engagement – Entire Company

Entire Company

The chart above shows the responses of the entire company to the 10 Engagement questions. At the top level, things look good. However, some departments will be doing better than others, masking the potential issues that can seriously impact performance.

Vantage Point Engagement – Operations, Male Associates

Some Groups Do Well

The chart above shows a very healthy response to the Engagement questions by the men in the Operations department. Senior leadership can commend the department leaders and ask how they are achieving these scores.

Vantage Point Engagement – Sales and Marketing Female Associates

Watch Out!

Same company, same Engagement questions. These are the scores of the ten women in Sales and Marketing who are clearly not engaged, which will adversely affect their performance and therefore the company’s sales. Look at the low scores of percent positive responses across the top bar. Scores like this indicate the possibility of turnover. Senior leadership should start asking “why” with the goal of addressing whatever is causing these scores.

Client Testimonial

“I’ll use Vantage Point wherever I go,” says a Plant Manager who led his prior company to increase its scores. He has now used it in his current plant to establish a baseline for improvement, and has had each department identify and take 2 actions to improve the scores. His boss, the VP of Operations for the entire multi-plant company, is making Vantage Point a standard across all plants.

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