Portland Consulting Group is leading-edge organizational development and executive coaching professionals.

Vision: A society in which each worker is fully engaged in their work – their work brings intangible rewards (such as emotional, spiritual, psychological) as well as appropriate financial compensation.

Mission:  Help organizations thrive.

Gary Langenwalter — Business and Leadership Coaching, Self-Managed Teams, Facilitation, Systems Thinking, Triple Bottom Line.

Glen Fahs, Ph.D.– Leadership Development, Conflict Resolution and Mediation, Coaching Problem Employees, Improving Communication,

Dana Taylor – Organizational Effectiveness, Employee Development, Talent Acquisition

Larry Strober – Marketing, Sales, Business Planning, Budgeting and Forecasts, Strategic Planning

Dimitra Giannakoulias – Inter-cultural Leadership, Management and Talent Development

Bill Bridgeman – Sales, Operations, Business Development, Relationship Management

Tom Robertson, Ph.D. – Communication, Collaboration, Problem Solving, Conflict Resolution

Elaine Cornick – Transitions and Cultural Transformation, MBTI

Greg Sievers — Team Development, Retreats, Coaching, Change Management, IT

Gigi Gardner – Coaching, Team Development,

Jean Baumann –Leadership Development, Change Management, Coaching, Facilitation

Dieter Lombard  — Organizational Assessment and Change

Rob Dodson — Organizational Development

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