Tom Robertson

Tom Robertson small“I was incredibly impressed at how the team was quickly able to isolate the issues we were having and create a plan with concrete steps to address these issues. We have emerged from this project with an invigorated and empowered board!” Managing Director, Pendulum Aerial Arts

An organizational and engineering consultant with experience as researcher/engineer, Chief Scientist, Program Manager, entrepreneur, General Manager, and mentor/coach.

Tom Robertson works with clients to co-create organizations founded on clear vision, open and respectful communication, and effective collaboration. He helps clients develop organizational processes that balance structure and flexibility to manage complexity, risk, surprise, and discovery. He facilitates teamwork, problem solving, conflict resolution, and negotiation.

Dr. Robertson started his consulting practice after many years’ experience in the corporate world, playing a variety of roles including Vice President and General Manager at Atlantic Aerospace; Director of Engineering and Chief Scientist at Lockheed Martin Advanced Simulation; Director, Advanced Information Sciences Division at TASC; and member, Technical Staff at Bell Laboratories.

Tom’s experience includes:

  • Mentoring a newly promoted Technical Director and supporting creation of a new division
  • Facilitating a non-profit’s transition from founder-led to board-led
  • Trouble shooting and helping a non-profit resolve perceived “generation gap” issue
  • Using Theory of Change to help a board clarify goals and activities and achieve better alignment
  • Teaching “Strategic Teamwork” as part of a Portland State University certificate program
  • Facilitating engineer’s transition to management
  • Designing organizations to balance central control with local initiative

Current involvements include:

  • Secretary/Treasurer of the Oregon Organization Development Network (OODN)
  • Member of OODN’s Community Consulting Project (CCP) Core Team
  • Team Lead, CCP project with The Living Room
  • North American Director, The International Emergency Management Society
  • Small and Medium Size Enterprise Expert Panelist, European Directorate-General for Research and Innovation
  • Technical Manager, HERACLES Project, for improving European cultural heritage site resilience to climate change