In contrast to the standard “consulting expert” model, we use a coaching/appreciative inquiry approach.

”Expert consultants” arrive at a client’s organization with a predetermined goal in mind, and the tools to get the client to that predetermined goal. And often, they just don’t listen.

All things need planning, and good plans require consulting...

All things need planning, and good plans require consulting…

In contrast, we work “with” the people.  We listen to people at all levels, honoring what they have been able to do, and asking how the systems themselves could be changed, so that the people can be more effective.  Thus, our recommendations are comfortably adopted by people, because ultimately the best solutions enable people to accomplish their objectives.

Capabilities: Each client  chooses the capabilities that benefit them most:

  • Increasing employee engagement
  • Developing self-managed, high performance teams.
  • Implementing/improving Lean / Quality
  • Implementing Triple Bottom Line sustainability (People, Planet, Profit/Performance)
  • Coaching executives for improved effectiveness
  • Facilitating strategic planning
  • Defining effective measurement systems.
  • Facilitating whole systems thinking

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