Greg Sievers

“Greg was instrumental in establishing a high-performance, team-oriented culture at Con-way IT. He was an expert in being able to define and articulate the target culture, and he knew how to move us forward. He actively worked with teams to help them resolve their issues and achieve greater levels of performance and satisfaction. He became a trusted, go-to resource for any team or individual that needed guidance.” Jackie Barretta, CIO, Sr. VP, Con-way Inc.

Greg Sievers sm headshot

How can I help your business today? Refocusing and refining your mission might be the place to start.

Greg Sievers partners with organizational leaders to build and sustain their management system and corporate culture. This journey includes work on fundamentals including mission, values and goals, and generates sustainable results through systematic process improvements and problem solving.

Greg combines principles of change/transition management and employee engagement with a strategic focus, so that all employees are aligned in purpose and committed to achieving the same results.

Greg’s experience includes:

  • As an internal consultant defined, implemented and sustained a self-managed, high performance team culture for a major transportation/logistics company.
  • Led change management effort, using the ADKAR methodology, for transformation initiative for a large utility organization. Stood up the Organizational Change Methodology (OCM) within the System Life Cycle (SLC).
  • Lead effort for a non-profit with developing vision, strategic planning and building affiliations with other non-profits in the Portland metro area.
  • Created a “Cultural Competency” workshop for local health care organization in conjunction with HB2611, helping health care professionals become cultural competent.

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