Gary LangenwalterGuill_Tool

“Your consultation during the period in which we were choosing the ERP system is still paying off.  The “buy-in” to the ERP implementation (on-going, of course) as a result of your consultation has helped change the culture at Guill Tool for the better.  The collaborative atmosphere seems natural.”  Diane Guillemette VP Sales and Marketing. Guill Tool, W. Warwick, RI

Diane Guillemette VP Sales and Marketing. Guill Tool, W. Warwick, RI

“Gary and his team were instrumental in making our strategic planning retreat a success. The day went by quickly with active participation by everyone thanks to the structure and process that the team employed. We came away from the day feeling positive about our organization’s future with a solid framework for our strategic plan.”

Cecelia L. Batlan Chairman of the Board, Salem Art Association, Salem, OR


Ted Sarvata
Grady Britton

“Ted has been terrific for us to work with. He is a creative problem-solver who I trust to ask the hard questions and work with to answer thoughtfully and truthfully. When we work with Ted, we always outline goals and he keeps us on track. I value his contribution to my management team.” — Paige Campbell, President / Partner, Grady Britton

Greg SieversCon-way

“Greg was instrumental in establishing a high-performance, team-oriented culture at Con-way IT. He was an expert in being able to define and articulate the target culture, and he knew how to move us forward. He actively worked with teams to help them resolve their issues and achieve greater levels of performance and satisfaction. He became a trusted, go-to resource for any team or individual that needed guidance.” Jackie Barretta, CIO, Sr. VP, Con-way (now XPO)

Dieter Lombard

“Your analyses and interventions helped steer us to a much improved and appropriate management paradigm. Your ability to listen to a variety of perspectives and interpret the salient factors into useful action items helped us so much. You shared excellent understanding of the obstacles that were tough for us to identify. It set us on a new course that will benefit the entire organization infrastructure. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, experience and enthusiasm with us. Your involvement exceeded our expectations. ” Kelley Casey, Executive Director

Rob Dodson

“A lot has happened in the short period of time we have been involved with your team and I am very appreciative of the work you and the team has put forward. It would be great to talk about any observations you may have made that could benefit us as a result of your involvement with SEI given your years of experience and expertise.” Marcy Bradley, Executive Director

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