Jean Baumann

Jean Baumann helps leaders, teams, and organizations manage change by fostering clarity, alignment, and commitment to achieve results that matter.  Those individuals or groups are typically undertaking initiatives such as re-imagining their strategic vision and mission, re-engineering the way they work, or re-vitalizing employee engagement and skills to meet new challenges and goals.

Jean leverages her years of experience as a manager and leader inside organizations into her practical and proven know-how as a senior consultant to help others navigate the challenging journey of change.

Jean’s experience includes:

  • Assisted the VP of Operations to shift an entrenched work culture to shave off $30 billion and decades needed to transform a 6,200-acre weapon manufacturing site into a National Wildlife Refuge.  Provided leadership coaching and training, strategic planning and team development sessions, and large-scale employee forums to identify and prioritize work issues and solutions.
  • Built a process improvement pilot program for a city government, and trained internal facilitators and initial teams that optimized $600k in employee hours and generated $280k new revenue annually.  The city launched 26 additional teams in the first two years that generated over $2 million in annual savings.
  • Designed and facilitated strategic planning meetings for a newly-appointed state government IT director to re-envision the organizational mission and vision, goals, strategies, measures of success, and tactical plans to transform the agency into a lean, customer-service-driven operation.