Rob Dodson

“A lot has happened in the short period of time we have been involved with your team and I am very appreciative of the work you and the team has put forward. It would be great to talk about any observations you may have made that could benefit us as a result of your involvement with SEI given your years of experience and expertise.” Marcy Bradley, Executive Director

Rob Dodson is a senior Organization Development consultant with broad experience working with corporate and not-for-profit clients. Rob 100X100Rob works with clients to define project goals and then conducts focused assessments to engage stakeholders, shed light on key issues, and guide planning. Rob is skilled in the design and use of surveys, focus groups and interviews.

Rob’s experience includes:

  • Designing and facilitating a survey based “core values process” that enabled Valent USA Corporation, a California based agricultural products company, to realign its culture with its strategic goals.
  • Conducting customer and stakeholder assessments to assist the boards of two Portland area non-profits, Print Arts Northwest and Affordable Community Environments, in updating their strategic plans
  • Using focus groups, interviews, and surveys in assisting the CEO of Self-Enhancement Inc., a Portland based non-profit, to strengthen strategic focus, culture, and executive teamwork.
  • As an internal consultant, leading a global program for Boston Scientific Corp. (a Fortune 50 medical device developer) that internalized Six Sigma as a core competency

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