#31 R.I.P. or Engaged?

Are your employees R.I.P. (Retired In Place) or engaged? And does it matter?

A recent Gallup survey** shows that organizations with engaged employees outperform their non-engaged counterparts as follows:

  • 23% in profitability
  • 81% in absenteeism
  • 10% in customer loyalty/engagement
  • 18% in productivity (sales)
  • 64% in safety incidents (accidents)
  • 18% in employee turnover for high-turnover organizations
  • 43% in employee turnover for low-turnover organizations
  • 28% in shrinkage (theft)
  • 41% in quality (defects)
  • 58% in patient safety incidents (mortality and falls)

How would your organization perform if your employees were truly engaged? The first step is to measure how engaged your employees are. Oregon Organization Development Network has created an organization health assessment that includes engagement. You can learn more at: www.VantagePointSurvey.com.

* Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay



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