Increasing Employee Retention and Attraction

How do you attract the best and brightest and retain them? That’s the common refrain among virtually ALL leaders, in all sectors – for-profit, not-for-profit, government… everywhere! Here’s a list of ideas, in no particular priority or order. I’ll be blogging Monday afternoons each week on at least one of them starting April 4. Let me know additional topics that you’d like to see included.

  1. Listen to your employees
    1. Take a survey
    2. “Stay” interviews
    3. Focus groups
  1. Engage your employees
    1. Triple Bottom Line

i. Include employee values/goals/dreams into your organization vision, mission, and products and services

    1. Be transparent

i. Open your books

    1. Continuous Improvement Teams
    2. Company sponsored social events
    3. Profit sharing
  1. Invest in your employees – help them grow
    1. Professional training
    2. On the job coaching
    3. Life skills for employees and their families

i. Parenting

ii. Financial acumen

        1. Budgets
        2. Credit cards and debt

iii. Relationship improvement

iv. ESL

  1. Be flexible with your expectations
    1. Flexible hours
    2. Remote work arrangements
  1. Respect your employees
    1. Predictable schedules
    2. Fair pay

i. Vs. market

ii. Owners / employee ratio of pay

    1. Parent vs. Partner
    2. Job – role vs. coronation
    3. Kill the performance review
    4. DEI

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