Bringing Light into Darkness

We are now at winter solstice, where the days are the darkest. What is it about light that draws people to it? Light brings warmth. Light brings clarity by allowing us to see things more clearly. Think of the root of the word “enlighten.” Light wakes us up and increases our energy levels. Light brings us joy – think of the root of the word “delight”. And if you’re in a dark room, just lighting one match makes a HUGE difference! One match vs the entire dark room – and the match wins!

These truths also operate in an organization, in groups of people. So how does a leader bring light to their people? How does a leader help people find their own light? The answer is very simple, although sometimes not easy to do. To bring light to your people, “all” you have to do is to BE light. To let the best parts of you shine forth (notice the verb). To wish the best for others, and to encourage them to be their best. To spread good will. You can be an “enlightened” one, and invite your people to likewise be enlightened.

I promise that if you do that, your life will, in turn, be richly blessed. Yes, there will still be problems and obstacles and disappointments. But your people will be right beside you, willingly, because you mean so much to them.

May you have a joyous holiday season, filled with light.

Gary Langenwalter

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