Want to improve your outlook on life? Give thanks. It’s that easy. And that rewarding.

There’s lots of ways to do this. You can call someone or Zoom them, or post a link on FaceBook or Twitter, or send them an e-mail. However, buying a Thank You card and sending it via snail mail might be more meaningful, because personal snail mail is so unusual. And a Thank You card is something physical that the recipient can save on their desk and re-read in the following days, smiling and feeling connected to you each time they read it. Just a few short sentences will mean a lot to the recipient.

Additionally, since a person’s mind can only focus on one thing at a time, while you’re remembering what you’re thankful for, your body will relax and you’ll feel better yourself.

If you want to really stretch yourself, at noon every day think of twelve things that you’re thankful for. After the obvious few (family, health, friends, etc.), the search for the final topics becomes more interesting.

I wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving


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