Masks Make Good Neighbors

Masks Make Good Neighbors

Like many people, I used to assume that wearing a mask would protect me from the COVID virus. Unfortunately, masks do NOT protect the wearer from germs that other people are spreading. Instead, MASKS PROTECT OTHERS by limiting the spread of germs by the mask-wearer, keeping the majority of those germs in the mask or very close to the wearer rather than being broadcast at face level. And because people can be spreading the virus without knowing they have it, asking them to wear a mask to prevent them from infecting others seems to be in the same vein as restricting smoking inside buildings. As my Dad used to say, “Your right to swing your fist stops just before it hits my nose.”

Rephrased, the people who choose to not wear masks in public are increasing the probability that they will (unknowingly) infect others. So I wear a mask when I am in public, and I intentionally steer clear of people who are not wearing masks. I will even encourage them to wear masks.

Finally, I applaud and support those organizations (including Costco) who are now requiring that ALL people wear masks.

I invite you to join me.

I welcome your thoughts and feedback.

Gary Langenwalter

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