Retain Your Best and Brightest, #1

As the job market tightens up, your best and brightest will have opportunities to move to other employers. Conversely, if you’re an employer of choice, you can cherry-pick the best and brightest from other organizations, including your competitors.

Why would someone choose to work in your organization, compared to other organizations?

It’s not primarily for pay, although that may be the reason people give during their exit interviews.

Reason #1 – they want to feel respected and valued. We have a young friend who will change employers the first decent chance he gets because his current boss jerks him around and does not respect him. He left his former employer because his original boss left the company, and his new boss was a micro-manager.

This is especially true for Gen Z. WeSpire has just published a white paper titled 15 Critical Insights into Gen Z, Purpose and the Future of Work. Among the findings:

· They prioritize purpose over money

· They need to be proud of their organization

o Equality and environment are vitally important

· They want authenticity

· They are motivated by meaningful work

How well does your organization do on these factors?

You can get download the paper at :

Look for Retain Your Best and Brightest, #2, next week

Hope you have an authentic, meaningful day at work,


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