You Are Whole!

YOU ARE INHERENTLY WHOLE! In this context, “whole” means complete, fully integrated, not lacking anything. A coach assumes that each person has the innate knowledge, wisdom, and power to

· ask and answer the deep questions,

· face and embrace their shadow side, and

· be the gift to the world that the world desperately needs, and that their soul wants them to be.

In this model, the coach lets the client do the heavy lifting, because that’s the only way that healthy, lasting change will happen. And that is the only way to empower the client, to help them realize how powerful they are so that they can reach their full potential. The coach journeys beside the client, rather than carrying them. The coach provides a safe place for the client to examine their assumptions about life, and helps them ask questions that they might not otherwise ask. The coach encourages the client to face the pain and work through it, rather than avoid it. The coach helps the client see him or herself as he/she truly is.

The coach helps the client see that the client’s limitations do not, in any way, make the client less creative, resourceful, and whole. In fact, the limitations might turn out to be blessings in disguise! In all cases, the coach is a powerful, steadfast stand for the client’s health and well-being – the coach sees the client as fully human, and the coach sees who the client can be, at his or her best: fully powerful and fully engaged in the world.

The Coaches Training Institute teaches us that each client is Creative, Resourceful, and Whole. My previous 2 blogs covered Creative and Resourceful. I hope this has helped you on your journey and that it will help you help others on theirs.

Gary Langenwalter

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  1. Thank you Gary! Way before I got involved with coaching…I was involved with a group (Allies People to People….where we believed in the same exact principle. And that the wisdom lies within the person…and we’re there to help the person see it & act on it!


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