You are Creative!

YOU ARE INNATELY CREATIVE, according to the Coaches Training Institute, where I got my training to be a coach.

What does this mean? It means that the coach does not have to be the creative one, furnishing ideas and leading the client forward. It means the client is fully capable of creating the future they want. The coach merely needs to give the client the confidence to believe in themselves. When a client starts to realize how creative they really are, they become much more powerful, much more unstoppable. They become the learning, growing, passionate person that they have always been, but never really let out to play, before. They become a truly beautiful person, from the inside out. They attract other like-minded, bold, beautiful people. Just consider the impact that a group of powerful, creative people can have!

Creative people do not let their past define them. They create their own futures, the futures that they want to live in. And then they live into those futures.

Does this mean that all their efforts succeed? Of course not! But a creative person understands that fact and learns from the results of their efforts. They either change an input and try again, or decide to do something else entirely. Bill Gates said that he has learned more from his failures than from his successes.

So, are you being the creative, powerful person that you’re capable of being? If not, would you be open to some coaching? Do you know someone else whose latent creativity and power is untapped?

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Gary Langenwalter

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