Does Your Business Serve Your Life?

Does your business serve your life?

1. What do you want out of life?

2. How can your business help you achieve that?

Business can, and should, serve your life. In fact, business should bring you life, instead of the other way around. Business is a tangible manifestation of the owner’s life, rather than a separate, self-contained and self-important entity. Radical idea, don’t you think?

In addition to our suite of consulting capabilities, Portland Consulting Group now officially offers coaching, both business coaching and personal/life coaching. As business owners ourselves, we fully understand that it’s really hard for a business owner to admit that he/she could benefit from using a coach. But that’s what ALL successful athletes, and many of the most successful business and non-profit and government leaders do. And we have done that, too. Ask yourself – how did the best athletes achieve their success. Talent? Of course. Hard work? Of course. And coaching? Of course. Because a coach can see things that the athlete and business owner cannot see. Unlike employees, a coach can hold the business owner accountable.

How are your business and your life doing right now?

What could a coach do for your business, and/or your life?

Do you know someone else who could benefit from coaching?

Gary Langenwalter

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