Most of us are scheduled wall-to-wall with appointments, deadlines, etc. I had a gift Tuesday afternoon – an appointment finished 30 minutes early. I had nobody and nothing clamoring for my time. I had an unexpected oasis in my schedule. J

Too often, I use the oasis to power forward, starting work on my next “to-do” or pulling a task out of my overflowing “long overdue and I’ll do it as soon as I get a chance” bin. I fidget, get impatient, become more Type A.

But Tuesday afternoon I chose to listen to my still, small voice – the one which encouraged me to just “be”. So rather than starting to work on my next task sooner or pulling a long-overdue task out of the “long overdue task” bin, I decided to just veg out. Meditate. Count my blessings. Breathe. Observe the trees just outside the window, with their leaves weaving and dancing in the breeze. Watch the clouds as they moved slowly across the sky. And be still and restore my inner peace.

And the rest of my afternoon flowed so much more smoothly.

What do you do when you have an oasis? Fidget? Get impatient? Be grateful for the oasis?

I’d enjoy hearing your reaction.


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