Humble bosses are best

One more study has confirmed that humble bosses are best. Actually, the word “boss” says it all. The most effective leaders are not “bosses” per se, but leaders who empower and energize those who work with them. A study from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University supports this. The researchers interviewed CEOs of 63 private companies in China, plus about 1000 managers who work for them. They concluded that humble bosses are strong bosses. Their research corroborates a book by Sipe and Frick, The Seven Pillars of Servant Leadership, which showed that companies whose CEOs practice servant leadership achieve a 24.5% return to shareholders, outperforming Jim Collins’ Good to Great companies which achieved 17.5% return to shareholders.

Gary Langenwalter

Portland Consulting Group

Helping Organizations Thrive


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