Engagement in your Organization

What would your organization be like if 50-70% of your people, at all levels, were passionately engaged in your mission?

What would it be like to work in such an organization?

What results could it produce? How much of a difference would it make in the quality of life of the employees, the customers, the communities in which it operates?

Engagement is what we look for when we walk into an organization. We look for the smiles, the attitude. We look for people on the front lines who enjoy being there, who know that they are valued and trusted.

Not possible, you say? Not in this economy? Not here? I beg to differ. Look at the tens of thousands of people, all ages, races, genders, walks of life, who volunteer at various non-profits. They are engaged, or they wouldn’t be there.

Want to do a little dreaming, about how well your organization could be performing? About what your life could be like? We’d be honored to dream with you. (And, we can help those dreams become reality.)

Gary Langenwalter

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